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The Buona Lombardia website was developed with the aim of offering citizens a complete, simple, comprehensible and usable tool in all conditions. The first essential quality of a public website is accessibility, ie the ability to access the site regardless of any technological, physical or environmental limitations. Another feature considered essential today is the responsiveness, ie the ability of the site to adapt automatically to the size of the device used by the user (computer, tablet or smartphone), making it easy to read and navigate.

The Buona Lombardia website guarantees compliance with the technical requirements set out in Annex A of the Law 4/2004 "Provisions to facilitate access for disabled persons to IT tools" (the so-called Legge Stanca), and was developed with the HTML5 markup language and CSS style sheets.

The design of the Buona Lombardia website took place in various phases, each with different quality verification moments, both in terms of usability and accessibility. Each page model has therefore been subjected to verification through the use of automatic validation tools and subsequently through manual checks by an accessibility expert outside the project, following the method indicated in Annex A of the Stanca Law.

Automatic validation tools

Operating systems and browser compatibility The Buona Lombardia website has been designed and tested to guarantee maximum compatibility with the main operating systems and browsers, both from a functional and visual point of view.

The site has been verified therefore with: Browser
• Firefox 47 (on PC, Mac and Android)
• Safari 9.11 (on Mac and iPad)
• Internet Explorer 11 (on PC) Operating systems
• Mac Os X 10.11.15
• Windows 7
• iOS 9.3.2 Screen reader
• Voice over
• NVDA 2016.1
• Jaws 16

All portal pages have been verified with the following automatic tools:
• HTML validation via the W3C Markup Validation Service
• CSS validation through the W3C CSS Validation Service
• Automatic support for verification of accessibility through Validatore.it Other Tools
• Color contrast analyzer Mac version 1.5.13
• Firebug
• Web developer toolbar
• HTML Validator for Firefox http://users.skynet.be/mgueury/mozilla/
• NU HTML Validator https://validator.w3.org/nu

Usability test
The Buona Lombardia website, in all its design and construction phases, has undergone various types of usability tests, both in the desktop and mobile versions:

1. heuristic evaluation carried out by an expert on the first graphic drafts of the portal allowed to identify the most obvious problems. The analysis criteria used, the 12 heuristics, are those defined in Annex B of the D.M. July 8, 2005 (perception, comprehensibility, operability, consistency, health protection, safety, transparency, learning, help and documentation, fault tolerance, pleasantness, flexibility);

2. summative check carried out by a variable panel of about 8 users of the portal within the regional administration. The tests were performed on the executive graphics. 3. training audit carried out on a panel of 8 potential citizens, supported by a usability expert. The test was conducted on the portal with real contents, prior to the defined online submission, according to the Thinking Aloud methodology indicated in the eGLU 2.1 and eGLU-M protocols.

Accessibility goals Every year all administrations have to decide and publish their objectives for IT accessibility (Law No. 179 of 18/10/2012).

Consult the accessibility objectives of the Lombardy Region.

Help us to improve For reports, suggestions or comments on the accessibility and usability of the Buona Lombardia website, write us through the online form.