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The educational farms of Lombardy

The Educational Farms of Lombardy are agritouristic companies engaged in the education of the public and in particular in the reception of school groups and young people in the context of their school and extracurricular activities. To this end the Educational Farms offer the opportunity to learn about the agricultural activity and the cycle of food, animal and vegetable life, trades and the social role of farmers, the territory, to educate to conscious consumption and respect for environment.

The educational activity proposed by the farmers is strictly related to the agricultural activity, which remains the main activity, according to the time / work parameter. At the base of the educational proposal of the Educational Farms of Lombardy there are the principles of active pedagogy, to enable guests to learn by doing. The Educational Farms of Lombardy are required to subscribe and share the quality requirements contained in the Quality Charter approved with the d.g.r. n. 6198/2017.