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Biological agriculture

Organic products are those obtained by applying organic farming methods, ie a production system that allows to obtain agricultural products, of vegetable and animal origin, with techniques that put the protection of human health and the environment in the first place. and animal welfare. This production system, up to now regulated by Reg. (CEE) n. 2092/91, starting from 1 January 2009 will refer to the current rules: Reg (CE) n. 834/2007 and the application regulation Reg (CE) n. 889/2008.

What does this agricultural management system provide in summary?
The agricultural practices for fertilization and defense involve the use of organic substances and of natural origin, as well as the use of techniques that do not include the use of synthetic chemicals. Livestock breeding is based on a management that allows a healthy life to the animal itself, fed according to their nutritional needs and not to maximize production. Furthermore, in order to obtain organic products, it is not allowed to use genetically modified organisms and their derivatives.

Are organic products controlled and certified products?
Organic products, to be marketed, require certification to guarantee their origin from companies operating in compliance with the community regulation. All companies that intend to produce, transform, label, market and import organic products must necessarily submit to a control system. Logo for European organic products All pre-packaged organic foods produced in a European Union state bear the "Euro-leaf" logo.

This obligation does not concern imported products. The logo, designed by the German student Dusan Milenkovic, was chosen through a European competition open to students of art and design. Represents a leaf on a green background whose outline is traced by the stars symbol of the Union.

Next to the new logo will be allowed to reproduce on the packaging and on the informative materials also other private, local or national logos. How to properly adhere to the organic production system A manual (attached) aimed at facilitating agricultural operators wishing to apply organic farming but which does not replace the texts of the Community, national and regional reference standards which guarantee the correct and complete application of the rules themselves.

The community and national.

The European organic farming.