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The biological in Lombardy

The methods of organic production are extremely "natural" because they are based on the use of techniques and products already present in nature and environmentally sustainable, thus excluding the use of chemicals, GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and genetic manipulations on plants and animals .

The results are: the development of a more sustainable agriculture, the protection of soil, water and biodiversity, and the production of food without toxic residues. Organic means paying attention to the production but also to the methods of food processing so that the biological integrity and the essential qualities of the product are maintained in all the various phases.

In reference to a research conducted by the Region's Agricultural Information System Lombardy (SIARL) the Lombardy organic farms are 1,169, for the most agricultural entrepreneurs, the rest preparatory or transformers, distributors and traders. There are 657 operators involved in the crops, while those in the activities zootechnics are 146. The greatest sensitivity to organic productions is represented by the territory of Province of Pavia (about 33%).

20,000 hectares are destined to organic in Lombardy, equal to 25% of the area regional agriculture and 1.35% of the national one. Mostly the interest concerns cereals, followed by alternate forage and permanent, while for organic zootechny the system appears still contained.