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What "quality" means in Lombardy

In today's world markets it is very difficult to give a precise definition of typicity, but it is best expressed as the organoleptic characteristics resulting from certain traditions intimately tied to the place of production.

For example, the quality of the land and its microclimate for certain types of fruit and vegetable, the biodiversity of the grass in mountain pastures that contributes to giving a specific flavour to milk and cheeses, aspect and humidity for the perfect ageing of some charcuterie, slopes and position of vineyards for the better ripening of the grapes and so on.

In addition, closely linked to these natural factors are the production techniques, the tools used and the ability and experience of artisans in both craft and commercial enterprises. All of the above are complex factors influencing the processing of individual products, which, as they escape the canons of industrial uniformity, bring to the table genuine flavours, forgotten scents, colours and fantasy. If a traditional product is to survive it must compete by being of perfect quality involving the use of any new technology without compromising its individuality.

Italian and E.U. legislation caters for the safeguarding of the typicity and origin of food and wine products. Alongside the producer company brands, there can be a collective trademark that defines and guarantees origin, composition, characteristics and requirements of their diverse products.

The objective of these marks of endorsement is to safeguard products and producers from imitations and fraud.

Additionally, they are an important instrument of guarantee for the consumer who can, in this way, recognise several products and is therefore better able to make his or her individual selection.

Lombardy has today:

34 geographical indications: 20 protected designations of origin PDO (in italian language DOP) and 14 protected geographical indications PGI (in italian IGP)

5 wines of denomination of controlled and guaranteed (GCDO)
21 wines of denomination of controlled Origin (CDO)
15 wines of tipical geografic indication (TGI)

Moreover in Lombardy about 1340 organic farmers produce food and at the same time preserve their surrounding landscapes by using systems as close as possible to those that occur in nature.