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Wines DOCG

The DOCG mark defines the geographical name of a wine-growing area, dedicated to the production of a quality product whose characteristics are connected to the natural environment and to human factors: the DOCG ensures the origin of the wine and also emphasizes the particular qualitative value. The recognition of the Denominations of Origin and of the Typical Geographical Indications and delimitation of the respective production areas are carried out together with the approval of the relative production regulations by decree of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

In the DOCG wine production specifications must be established: the designation of origin; the delimitation of the zone of production of the grapes; the maximum yield of grapes and wine per hectare; the minimum alcoholimetric volume; the physico-chemical and organoleptic characteristics of the wine; the natural characteristics of the environment; the methods of the chemical-organoleptic examination; any minimum period of aging; any bottling in demarcated areas. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry establishes the content of the applications and the procedures for the recognition of the denominations of origin and of the typical geographical indications and the methods and times of presentation.

The wines for which DOC and DOCG are required must undergo, in the production phase, a preliminary chemical-physical analysis and an organoleptic examination which must be repeated for DOCG even during the bottling phase, batch by batch. The positive outcome of the analysis and the examination is the condition for the use of DOC and DOCG. The DOCG is reserved for wines already recognized DOC for at least five years and which are considered of particular value. As for the typical products, even for each designation of origin or typical geographical indication, voluntary consortia may be set up with the aim of protecting, enhancing and general care of the interests of DOC, DOCG and IGT wines, which by decree of Ministry can carry out supervisory activities on individual producers.

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