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Wines of Lombardy

Lombardy wine production, with 5 GCDOs, 21 CDOs and 15 TGI is characterized by a high quality production.

This quality production is proved by the significant number of denominations: approximately 60% of the total wine production which is almost twice the national level.

The region has a total of 21.331 hectares of vineyards and 11,000 winemakers.

Lombardy is witnessing a growth in the general quality of all its wines from the Garda to the Valcalepio and from San Colombano to Mantova to the last denominations that have been awarded the fifth GCDO wine of the region, the Moscato di Scanzo.

Wines from Lombardy have proven to deserve an increasingly prominent position among the so called 'made in Lombardy', both in Italy as well as in the rest of the world.

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Quality marks

GCDO - Guaranteed Controlled Designation of Origin

CDO - Controlled Designation of Origin

TGI - Typical Geographic Indication

Docg, Doc and Igt wines list of Lombardia

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